Chimneystack Your Own Home Made In Miniature
Chimneystack Your Own Home Made In Miniature
Terms & Conditions

Please note that I do not make “scale models.”

The sculpture will be as fair a representation of the original as possible in the same way that an artist would paint a picture.
  • I normally ask for a deposit of 20% of the cost prior to commencement of work, and this is only refundable if requested prior to commencement of the work or at my discretion if I feel unable to complete the work to my satisfaction. If so a total refund will be given. If in the unlikely event for any reason you are not satisfied with the finished product and request a full refund, the deposit will be retained to cover the cost of materials.
Once I have begun sculpting a commission you will be sent photographic updates of “work in progress” either by e-mail or by post After the sculpting stage has been completed and latex applied alterations can not be made to the sculpture, so it is vital that you check the photos of work in progress to ensure that there are no errors. A full refund can not be obtained once the sculpting has been “signed off” by you.
  • The time scale given for completion will be an estimation i.e. twelve to fourteen weeks from commencement of sculpting and should not be used as a guaranteed date for completion. If you do require a commission for a specific date please let me know in advance and I shall try and endeavour to meet your requirements.

Postage and packing will be additional to the price quoted for the commission, unless otherwise specified. Parcels are sent by Royal Mail delivery which normally takes two to three days to arrive.

  • Due to space limitations moulds of cast houses will only be kept for a limited time after completion before being destroyed. If you think that you may require more than one casting please let me know prior to casting, or as soon as possible after you have received your casting
I reserve the right to display images of commissions on my web site, brochures and any other advertising. Photographs of your actual house will not be used.


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